Five Ways HourlyWork Excels at Helping Companies Hire Workers

It’s hard for companies to hire hourly workers. There is a higher demand for hourly workers than there are available workers in the job market. With many hourly jobs dominated by the retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and other trade industries, many of these jobs are on-site work, which cannot be easily filled by remote workers.

Companies can improve their chances of hiring workers if they can meet workers where they are. Let’s outline what these options are.

Many hourly job seekers do not have a resume, and some employers do not require one for job applications. According to a Glassdoor survey, most companies experience an 80% candidate drop-off rate during the application process. To increase the number of applicants, make the application process easy and quick. Respond to applications and hire quickly. Use texting and video interviewing to speed up the hiring process. Provide candidates with updates to their application process. Take advantage of referrals, which are a top candidate source for hiring.

Resume Free Job Application Process

Many high schoolers have limited to no job experience. These students will struggle to apply for a job that requires a resume. HourlyWork helps companies overcome this challenge by giving users the ability to create a user profile that can be used to apply for a job. This user profile takes as little as 2 minutes to create and removes a key hurdle for job seekers. The reality is many part-time positions have basic requirements: a minimum working age, a high school degree, and an ability to reliably get to a workplace. A resume is not necessary to attract candidates for these types of jobs.


Easy Application Process

Job seekers want an easy way to discover and apply for jobs. HourlyWork presents company jobs on a mobile device. Users can swipe left and right to engage with each job. When the job seeker likes a job, the job seeker can save the job to apply to later, send the job to a friend to review, or apply for the job. The apply process is as simple as answering up to five qualification questions, and then submitting the application. It takes less than one minute to apply.

Quick Response and Interview Process

When a candidate applies, a recruiter gets notified of the application. The recruiter can then text a candidate to learn more about his/her background. The recruiter can even interview the candidate using HoulyWork’s video interview capability. Within the same day, a recruiter can assess a candidate’s fit for a job and hire the job seeker! A quick process allows a recruiter to better compete for talent.

Real-time Applicant Status Notification

Candidates want to know about their application status. Many times, candidates don’t receive confirmation that their application is received. They get little to no updates on their application. HourlyWork improves on the candidate experience by giving candidates the ability to get notified and see changes to their applicant status. All of this is done automatically saving recruiters time while helping the company with their candidate experience.

Recommend Friends for a Job

Users can easily recommend a friend or a family member or refer them (where they work for the company) for a job. Companies can track these referrals, including seeing potential candidates before they apply. For users, what’s better than to have your friends work with you at a company? Referral is a top candidate source for many companies.

Companies that can implement these capabilities into their recruiting process can win the talent war. They are faster at converting applicants to hires. Does current process and tools allow you to hire quickly? If not, contact HourlyWork at for a quick demo and a free trial offer to experience a new recruiting process!